response paper all the question is given in file pleasse check it

response paper all the question is given in file pleasse check it

Response Paper #4 Topic:

For the fourth Response Paper, you have two choices.You could use the article you wrote about for Response Paper #3 and find another one on the same topic.If you didn’t really like your topic for RP #3, however, or don’t like that article, your other choice is to find two new articles over a similar topic.You do not have to have the same topic as you used in RP #3 if you are changing articles.You do need to choose a topic that you feel strongly about or are very interested in, though.Please avoid the over-used topics such as abortion, capital punishment, drinking age, and legalizing marijuana (unless you find a new angle to address).

The two articles that you choose for this Response Paper need to be addressing the exact same topic, though they might differ in their opinions or the way that the discussion is handled.You want to choose articles from reputable sources, just like last time.Again, starting in the El Centro College online databases can be helpful, but the regular Internet can be fine too.

For this Response Paper, your task will be to compare and contrast the two articles, using the information provided in your class session (or course assignment information).This Response Paper will be the most formal one that you have written to date.You will NOT be using first person “I,” “we” or “our” in this piece.You also need to avoid second person “you” and “your,” along with any slang or colloquial language.You also need to avoid contractions (words like “can’t,” “won’t,” “it’s,” etc.).

You will need an introduction paragraph for this Response Paper.In some way, you need to introduce both article titles (which are formatted with quotes) and the author names for the articles.Keep in mind that your reader knows nothing about your assignment, so you will probably want to introduce the topic and articles in the first paragraph, before beginning your comparison / contrast.An easy way to include a thesis in your introduction paragraph (which is normally the last sentence of the Introduction) is to decide whether these articles are more alike or more different.A sample might be something like this: “Through careful consideration of the two articles, readers can see that though they discuss the same news story, they differ more than they are alike.”Obviously, I don’t expect your thesis statement to be as wordy or as complex as mine, but this should help you as an example.

Then, you will set out to prove your thesis statement with the discussion of the two articles.You will spend the majority of the paper comparing and contrasting the articles in one of the ways presented to your class.The paper will also need a short concluding paragraph to tie back to the thesis and give the reader an overall, “so-what?” moment.

For this Response Paper, you want a balanced discussion of the two articles.You don’t want to have a large discussion of one of the pieces and just a brief discussion of the other.Try to be as balanced as possible.It may be that one of the articles is longer than the other, but try to discuss them equally.

Keep in mind that your comparison / contrast needs to be more than just a summary of what is in the articles.It might help you to think over what things work for the articles, and what things don’t.You can also think about what you like and dislike about the articles, though you won’t be sharing your feelings with the reader this time.

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