rhetorical analysis project 1

Select 2 to 3 possible texts (2 minimum, 3 maximum) for your rhetorical analysis project.

Texts are limited to 500 words each (excerpts are encouraged if you would like to examine a longer work)

Videos are limited to 5 minutes each (shorter segments are fine – if you cannot locate the shorter clip itself, submit the longer work with the exact timestamp you intend to examine)

View Day 20 slides for a list of text suggestions, but also feel free to think beyond that list.

Consider: What do you love? What is something you want to analyze in-depth?

Provide a link to each text or supply the text within the proposal itself (i.e. paste photos of art or advertisement or comics, paste the text of a poem or article).

Write a brief annotation for each text (minimum 50 words per annotation):
1) Identify an element of rhetorical significance (purpose, audience, context, ethos, pathos, logos, etc.) that draws you in. Use this element to explain why you think you will be able to write about this text for 900-1200 words.
2) Explain the piece’s connection to place or demonstration of resilience. You can examine both, but you are not required to do so with this assignment.

Choose any

  • Advertisements
  • Article
  • Films
  • Music Videos
  • Social Media Posts
  • TV Clips/YouTube Videos

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