roles of social media

The topic is Roles of Social Media, this needs to be 2 full pages. No plagarism and needs to have all the requirements below.

Task Points Available Points Awarded
Content: Total of 6
Proper introduction 2
Topic explained 2
Relevance discussed 1
Personal experience stated 1
Subtotal 0
Spelling and Grammar: Total of 6
No spelling errors 1
No grammar mistakes – Complete, clearly
written sentences
No typographical errors 1
Proper capitalization used 1
Subtotal 0
MLA (8th edition ) Formatting & Style: Total of 11
At least 2 full pages of content 2
All margins set to 1 inch 1
Header contains correct data and formatted correctly 2
Times New Roman, font size 12 1
Double spaced, no space before or after each paragraph 1
MLA course information data 1
Descriptive title, centered 1
First line paragraph indent at 0.5 inch 1
Page break to create Works Cited page 1
Subtotal 0
References: Total of 17
First Line paragraph indent removed, Works Cited title typed, centered 1
Turnitin – Plagairism Checker – no uncited text 5
Minimum of 2 references: 1 from book and 1 from outside source 3
In-text parenthetical citations created for references 3
References linked to correct source type with all information included 3
Reference text formatted as hanging indent, double spaced, Insert Bibliography Used 2
Subtotal 0
Grand Total (40) 0
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