select one of the following topics as the subject for a short paper about five pages double spaced 1

select one of the following topics as the subject for a short paper about five pages double spaced 1


I will provide you with primary sources from which some of the paper should be cited.

You may use citations from secondary sources freely and should consult them for paper content, but start with the pertinent primary sources.

Citations should be made according to the Turabian / Chicago style.

Here are the list of prompts for the paper, which will pertain to the late Republic and Early Empire. Use of secondary sources is encouraged (and necessary for at least some of the prompts), but begin with the primary sources as stated before. There is some flexibility in some of the prompts

1. Discuss the fallout of the rivalry between Marius and Sulla. How did Marius’
achievements set the stage for the last century of the Republic? Did Sulla’s reforms have
any chance of preventing future conflicts of a similar nature? (You can provide
theoretical ideas, especially regarding the perceived potential of Sulla’s reforms. You
should discuss both questions in your essay.)

2. Consider Augustus’ consolidation of power (as seen in the First and Second Settlements)
in light of Rome’s Republican government and principles. Was Augustus’ show of
restoring the Republic made in good faith while perhaps recognizing recent realities? (As
part of the argument, you can discuss some of his titles and how they may support or
undermine the idea that he was restoring the Republic. You can also compare him to
Julius Caesar.)

3. This is a “Roman culture prompt,” here are two suggested “sub-prompts” to choose from.

a. Using any line of analysis (some ideas: religion, literature, military, architecture,
economy, women, social mobility), describe the culture of the Roman Empire
under Augustus and the Julio-Claudian Emperors. What conclusions can we draw
about the state of the empire, based on your specific area of focus?

b. Choose an author from the time of Augustus (suggested: Livy, Vergil, Horace, or
Ovid — you can ask me if you have another one in mind) and discuss his reaction
to the new state of things. Was this author supportive of the new order instituted
by Augustus, or did he simply put on a “good face” at times while betraying his
true feelings in other writings?

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