Self-Assessment Project (PsychologicalWell Being)

Self-Assessment Project (PsychologicalWell Being)

You are to complete 7 of the Quizzes found in this website: Follow the link to Quizzes then scroll down to the quizzes on Relationships and Sexuality or Personality sections.  Please avoid using the Quizzes on Disorders and Symptoms since the emphasis in this class is on psychological well-being, not mental illness. Do not use the assessment from Module two’s discussion.

– To begin your essay, state and highlight or indicate in italics or bold the titles of each of the self-assessments you took and briefly describe your results in terms of your reaction and how you see your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors coinciding with your scores.  You may also address what surprised you about the findings.  Be certain to provide a thorough discussion, as this part is worth 25% of your grade on the essay

– Next, write an overall summary describing your insight into what the findings mean to you and what you learned about yourself in reference to your own psychological well-being.  Again, please provide a thorough discussion, as this part is also worth another 25% of your grade on the essay. The sample paper has 900 words so you are able to write up to 900 words.

Virtual Communication Project Grading Rubric

NO EVIDENCE Criterion is missing, does not meet expectations, or performance is substandard PARTIAL EVIDENCE Works towards meeting expectations; performance needs improvement SOLID EVIDENCE Exceeds expectations; performance is outstanding ___/100
Purpose / Topic / Theme 10% 0-1 points Fails to clearly state a purpose, theme, topic as required. 2-5 points Purpose is somewhat unclear; topic or theme is not specific. 6-10 points Clearly states the purpose and addresses the topic or theme of the post. ___/10
Concepts 15% HA1 0-4 points It is unclear as to whether or not the assignment was conducted as required. 5-9 points Some lack of evidence concerning the survey-interview questions and/or if directions were followed with developing and conducting the interviews. 10-15 points Clear evidence that a 5 question survey-interview was conducted with 3 face-to-face and 3 virtual interactions using 5 good open questions. ___/15
Application 45% HA2 0-9 points It is unclear what the results were and/or what the conclusions were to conducting the interviews. 10-29 points The results of the 2 types of interaction are reported and summarized without completely addressing each area as given in the assignment directions. 30-45 points Comparison of face-to-face interaction with virtual interaction is clearly addressed. Thoroughly reports on expectations, the nature of the responses, results, and conclusions. ___/45
Conclusion 10% CC2 0-1 points Ends without a conclusion or one that is confusing, disorganized, and includes irrelevant ideas. 2-5 points Ends by addressing inferences, interpretations, and implications but is somewhat unorganized, confusing, or disjointed. 6-10 points Ends with a striking conclusion that includes inferences or interpretations; clearly addresses implications and consequences and culminates assertions. ___/10
Length Requirements 10% 0-1 points Exceeds or fails to meet word count requirement by 200-400+ words. 2-5 points Exceeds or fails to meet word count requirement by 50-200 words. 6-10 points Is within 50 words of the 500 word count requirement. ___/10
Mechanics of Writing 10% 0-1 points Unreadable essay due to excessive writing errors and/or the paper contains no citations. 2-5 points The paper needs improvement with respect to grammar, citations, spelling, and/or style. 6-10 points The paper is nearly perfect with respect to grammar, citations, spelling, and style.
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