Should Homework be Abolished

Hi, this is my first time using this website really hope it helps me finish my homework it is all due in about 3 hours. I need a APA or MLA style annotated bibliography on that topic I chose on the top the homework topic. This is the requirements below:

Annotated Bibliography: It is time to begin your research paper. Decide on a topic for

research and review the guidelines in the back of the syllabus. Find 8 sources and write

a paragraph summary for each source. Use MLA or APA to create an Annotated

Bibliography of your sources. Please see the Annotated Bibliography sample located in


Upload to Canvas

I know it seems so easy but this same professor has assigned a 100 plus questions that I am trying to get done now.. so I want this tio be done by the time I finish the questions, SO i turn it all in together.

1-2 pages for this please.

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