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If the “self” is the product of social interaction, and we interact with media more and more, how are we shaped by it? This assignment asks you to consider the role of the television/electronic media as an agent of socialization and think about what it teaches us . In your paper you should analyze an episode of a series television program and describe what you believe it teaches , and how it teaches viewers about American culture. Be sure to address the questions listed below thoroughly and thoughtfully, giving multiple example from the program you watched.



The programs best suited to this assignment are weekly series, either comedies or dramas. These are easiest to analyze because you may be familiar with the characters and themes the show. Definitely avoid news programs, talk shows and games shows, Some’ reality” shows and soap operas are OK. If in doubt about whether a program works we.. for the assignment, check with me. If you are discussing a program from an earlier decade you must address how ti reflects the era it was created in. Always make sure you are using the sociological definition of term as described in our textbook and class discussions.


In your paper you should do the following: Briefly describe what this program is about. Discuss what values are expressed in this program? Discuss at 2 least examples. What norms are shown in the program? Discuss 2 examples. If norms are violated what types of sanction do the characters receive? If characters conform to norms how are they rewarded? Discuss two examples. How does the program portray people in terms of race, class and gender? Evaluate what you believe to be overall impact of this program as an agent of socialization. In other word what do you think viewers learn from this program? What don’t they learn?(what’s left out may be as important as what included).



Reminder: in your a paper, don’t just summarize the plot of the program, but instead use the assignment question to read between the lines. Remember. Social researchers are always interesting in interpreting what lies beneath the surface appearance of things. Don’t just take the program at face value. Speculate abut what the program’s underlying messages may be and how audience may interpret those.



Your paper should be written in essay form( narrative structure, introduction and conclusion, no question numbers) and should be a minimum 2 pages typewritten, double-spaced, with one inch margin around the pages.

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