source analysis 6

Source Citation, Information, and Analysis

Submit a detailed analysis of three of your sources (at least one must be academic). Explain the following in the same order presented below. Provide a response for each prompt (in paragraph format)

  1. Why did you pick this source?
  2. Is the source an academic or a popular text? How do you know?
  3. How credible/valid is the information? How do you know (author’s or organization’s background)
  4. What ambiguity did you notice? How did it interfere with the reasons and/or conclusion? If ambiguous language does not exist, explain why and include quotations from the text to illustrate the strength of the language.
  5. Were there any fallacies in the information presented? Cite the fallacy and explain.
  6. How good is the evidence? Provide a detailed analysis using the strategies from Chapters 7 and 8 of Asking the Right Questions.
  7. Could there have been rival causes? Cite the examples and explain them thoroughly.

Below is an example of a student source analysis

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