sports law assignament

Write about page and half will be fine.

Negligence is perhaps the most important concept you will encounter in this class this semester. Many of you participated in interscholastic (school) sports growing up either as an athlete, coach, trainer, etc. Share a bit from your own experiences where you may have encountered negligence, either personally or something that happened at your school, the local YMCA, etc. Was there legal liability? Could there have been liability? What could the coach/school/organization have done differently?

Now that you have learned a bit about negligence, let’s look at a real story that occurred at a summer camp involving the drowning death of a child, Yoni Gottesman. Please watch the video at the following link:

Where do you see negligence? What standards were breached? What would you argue if you were an attorney representing this camp? What can we take away from this tragedy?

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