summary application essay assignment 1

summary application essay assignment 1

For the first part of your essay, write a summary of the article or chapter. The article or chapter you read may be quite long, but your summary should be only one or two pages in length, explaining the central thesis of the work you chose. REMEMBER THE SUMMARY MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS, UNLESS YOU ARE PRESENTING A DIRECT QUOTATION, which should then be exactly as written in the original work and enclosed in quotation marks. Whether you are quoting directly or explaining ideas in your own words, remember that you must attribute all ideas to their original authors.

In the second part of your paper, explain how the central ideas in the article or chapter apply to one of the assigned texts in the module.

Summary: “The Reality of Imaginary Communities”

Application: Utopia Reader Chapter (19th Century)


At the top of your assignment, put your name and the date.

Next, provide a complete bibliographical citation in MLA format for the article or chapter you are using.

The summary section should be 250-500 words long, and the application section should be 750-1000 words.

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