summary develop a conservation design that reduces your driving emissions for three weeks

summary develop a conservation design that reduces your driving emissions for three weeks


1. A) Develop a problem statement that you are trying to solve. What is the problem you are trying to address?

2. B) Brainstorm to develop a list of possible solutions. First, think about your driving habit. Can you take public transportation instead of driving? Can you go to a closer store/place? You might be able to use public transportation for some of your trips or go to near by places instead of driving long distances. Then, think about the tradeoffs for each (time, distance vs. emissions). Use the following link for more ideas on Fuel-efficient driving techniques:… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

3. C) Develop a plan for how you will save emissions. In the description of your plan, estimate how much fuel and emissions (percentage of reduction) you expect to save over the 3-week period with these reductions. Take into account your driving behavior over the baseline period. Note that frequent acceleration and breaking can decrease fuel economy by 3 mpg. Therefore, if a car gets 25 mpg, the percentage of increase in CO2 emissions can be calculated as follows: (25 mpg – (25 mpg – 3 mpg))/25 mpg = 12%. In terms of distance, driving 1 mile produces approximately 1 lb. of CO2 (One gallon of gasoline produces approximately 20 lbs. of CO2. The average car gets ~25 miles per gallon.). Use either of these two methods to calculate or estimate your potential carbon/fuel savings.

To Submit: Describe your Conservation Design (Items A, B, and C above) in 250 words

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