super easy short ethics essays

Hey guys, I really need help on these super easy essays. They can be pretty short. Like 100 words each as long as they meet the requirements of the question. THEY NEED TO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS. I really need an A on this. I’m counting on it. Please help me! I need all of them done.

  1. First, sketch Norcross’s thought experiment, “Fred’s basement.” What intuition are we supposed to have, and how does it apply to the ethics of eating meat from factory farms? Second, name one potential disanalogy, and then assess whether it is a morally relevant disanalogy. Third, sketch the argument from marginal cases for the high moral status of (many) animals. Finally, lay out one way to push back against this argument (you can use either Frey’s way out or a way out we discussed in class).
  2. First, define ethical monism, ethical absolutist pluralism, ethical non-absolutist pluralism, and ethical particularism. Second, explain the main reason why someone would prefer a monist theory over the other three types of theories. Third, select one of the non-monist theories and sketch one advantage and one disadvantage of that type of theory.

Huemer fields three objections to his claim that there is a prima facie fundamental right to own a gun based on liberty: (1) We have no right to do things that harm others, (2) We have no right to do or own something that is excessively risky, and (3) We have no right to do something that evinces an intention to harm others. How does he respond each? Finally, he considers the objection that the total social cost of widespread gun ownership overrides the prima facie right to own a gun. How does he deal with this objection?

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