technology innovation legal and regulatory significance

technology innovation legal and regulatory significance

Technology Innovation – Legal and Regulatory Significance

Research the current landscape of widespread data collection and privacy.

Researching: A. Current laws and potential/pending legislation in the U.S. and at least one other country. As you become familiar with the research findings you will also need to look into: B. Current events (2013 – present) that are connected with these laws and pending legislation.

The format for your completed report should follow the following parameters:

  1. In no more than 2 pages, highlight at least 2 current events you believe have and/or will have a permanent influence on biometric information laws.
  2. Position Dialogue (support or oppose): Present at least 3 points (your position: support or oppose) that address how the collecting, storing, and dissemination of biometric information impacts a free way of life. Include specifics and be sure to support your work with references throughout.
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