test correction 18 question

test correction 18 question

I do have 2 tests and the correct answers for them. For the questions that I missed, I need a brief explanations why that the answers should be this or why the answer works the best.

For exam one questions missed are #s

#1. answer A or D both are excepted.

#4. answer A.

#8 answer E or C both are excepted.

#11 answer E.

#13 answer C.

#14 answer C.

#15 answer E.

For exam two questions missed are #s

#1 answer A.

#4 answer B.

#5 answer B.

#6 answer D.

#10 answer E.

#12 answer C.

#13 answer E.

#14 answer D.

#15 answer B.

#16 answer B.

#17 answer A.

So those are the correct answers but I do need how do we get the answer, and why for some, and why this is the right answer for word problems.

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