the game changer of music industry

the game changer of music industry

This is the final paper for the music class. The essay is about game changers of the music industry, such as the Beatles or MTV. The topic can be anything or anyone who affects on music industry. But, the topic cannot be a thing covered on this class.

This class covered Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Woodstock, MTV, SONY, Mototown, and Hip Hop.


You may pick any top that is appropriate to the class – I WOULD PREFER A TOPIC NOT COVERED IN THE CLASS. covered in the class. It may be a person (Clive Davis; Steve Jobs); a technological innovation (iTUNES); an incident that caused significant change in the music industry; a maverick record label (ie: Subpop Records, Sire Records etc); a legal battle that occurred within the industry and resulted in significant change; a monumental work of art that was a game changer (ie: The Who’s TOMMY, the first Rock Opera) Hint: Be creative; think outside of the box.

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