the middle ages 1066 1485

the middle ages 1066 1485

1.In “The pardoners tale”how does the pardoner use his story to accumulate wealth for himself?what does this say about him

2.What is ironic In the words by the narrator to describe the summoner in the “The prologue”to The Canterbury Tales? You’d meet none better if you went to find one/Why ,he’d allow -just for a quart of wine —-/any good lad to keep a concubine(ll.66-668)

3.In what why is the character of sir Gawain different form other epic heroes such as Beowulf?

4. B.based on the excerpt you read from The caanterbury tales,what do you think was Chaucer’s view of the church ?what characters are used to symbolize the methods of the ch

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