this assignment is based off a quot interview quot with a congolese or haitian person you only have to follow the directions prompted below

this assignment is based off a quot interview quot with a congolese or haitian person you only have to follow the directions prompted below

The purpose of this assignment is for you to be able to gather information about community resources that support families from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. You will also have an opportunity to explore the diversity of cultures and communities in San Diego.

For this part of your assignment, you will need to collect a variety of community resources for each of the following cultures: Congolese and Haitian. You can find information regarding monthly refugee arrivals here (Links to an external site.). You will need to include the following resources in your list of community resources:

1. Community social club

2. Community newsletter

3. Community support group

4. Community relief organization

5. Community church

6. Interview with a person from either the Congolese or Haitian culture. You can go to restaurant, a local grocery store or it can be a neighbor, friend or relative. The questions you will use for your interview are below:

1. How long have you been in San Diego?

2. What was your experience like when you moved here? Did you have any support?

3. What types of resources or supports did you receive (i.e. WIC, CalWorks, etc.)?

4. If you have children, what was their experience entering into the school system?

5. What types of programs were offered to you and your family by the school?

6. Did you feel welcome in the school community?

7. What activities or groups are you a part of in your community/neighborhood?

8. What values and beliefs are important for you to keep when living in a new culture? Is it easy to continue with your values and beliefs? If not, why?

For each resource, you will need to include the name, address, phone number, website (if applicable) and the mission or philosophy. You will also need to write a brief 1-2 paragraphs explaining how you would use these resources to support families.

Bonus Points: You will be eligible to receive 5 bonus points for this assignment by going to a local restaurant that serves the cuisine of either Congo or Haiti. To receive the 5 points, you will need to scan a picture of the menu, and a picture of yourself with your meal.

Written in paragraph format, please. Also there will be a part 2 for next week and I will need the same person to work on it.

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