threads and the benefits of multi threading

threads and the benefits of multi threading

Poster Guidelines

  • Posters are used as means of presenting information in a brief, rapid and visual way.
  • Your poster needs to convey the key information precisely.
  • The information should be presented visually.
  • Title and Author
  • The title of your poster presentation and your name should be made in very LARGE type so That viewers can easily see the subject matter of the poster.
  • Content Poster should contain Introduction-Brief description of the topic.
    • Conclusion/Summary
    • References- Any text appearing on the poster should be paraphrased into your own words and not copied directly from the internet.
  • Poster Design Points to consider while designing the poster is given below:
    • Layout – The layout refers to where on your poster you plan to place your information.
    • Choose the proper layout that will be able to accurately portray the information.
  • You can be as creative with your layout.
    • Spacing-You may leave some space between sections so that it is easier to follow.
  • Use bullet points to simplify sections like the introduction and conclusions.
    • Font type & size- Make sure that your text is not too small to read, or so big it overwhelms your poster.
    • Text should have a legible, uncluttered, consistent look.
    • Color- One way to make your poster visually appealing is to use colors, either as Background or for the text.
    • Be careful in your color choice.
    • Color selections should be simple and pleasing to the eye.
    • Creation- Program like MS PowerPoint, Photoshop can be helpful in creating your poster

The guidelines for the poster are given below:

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