three 350 word reports for articles

three 350 word reports for articles

The steps below describe how to write an article summary for Research Participation credit.


2) Read the article.

3) Write a 350 word report of the article. Since each article includes an Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion section, answer the points below for your summary:

  • What the researcher expected to find.
  • What was the study procedure; and what are the important independent variables and dependent variables.
  • The major result or findings of the study.
  • The main conclusion(s) of the study.
  • What you liked and dislikes about the article.

4) Format in 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced with 1″ margins.

5) You will submit three reports in total, one for each article, so three separate files.

6) Use professional language, be creative and refrain from using outside sources.

7) Plagiarism will result in a disqualification from the course and reported to the dean’s office, so check for plagiarism before you submit.

8) You have only one attempt.

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