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Assignment Overview

    Unit 4 – Individual Project

    Individual Project


    A PDF or other file type noted by the instructor & a Word file risk management matrix

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Assignment Description

Key Assignment Draft

Based on the Unit 3 IP, identify potential project risks, analyze and evaluate project risks, and come up with a project risk matrix. Update your MS Project file to adjust the tasks and schedules based on the project risks.

  • Some common risks include staffing, schedule, and budget.
  • Identify major project risks, and analyze and evaluate the risks based on probabilities and impacts.
  • Come up with a risk management strategy
  • Put all of the risk management information in a risk matrix.
  • Adjust any project schedule in the MS Project file based on project risks.

Submit the revised MS Project file in Project format or PDF format and a Word file for the risk matrix. Save the files as Unit 4 files.

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