violence vanquished steve pinker

violence vanquished steve pinker

Paper #4 (3 pages or 750+ words, 300 points)

Write a multiple source essay, in which you take a position that is against one or more idea(s) found in Steven Pinker’s article “Violence Vanquished.” In your essay, you are to provide both Pinker’s point(s), that you are opposing, as well as your own opposing point(s).

Required Elements

  • APA title page

Create your own title! The title of your essay should NOT be “Paper #4.”

  • Thesis statement

This includes your opinion as well as reference to the Pinker article.

  • Two articles + the Pinker article

At a minimum, you need two sources—or articles—in your paper. Specifically, you are required to have, at a minimum, an in-text citation for three sources:

1. An article of your choice.

2. A second article of your choice.

3. The Pinker article, “Violence Vanquished.

Choose articles that provide you with sufficient detail for your writing.

  • References page

Write citations for the sources that you use according to APA format.

  • First- and third-person writing

Do not write in second-person for this paper!

  • Introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

You are NOT to write a five-paragraph essay.

  • A complete full draft, i.e., 750 words minimum.
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