watch a video and answer the questions 2

watch a video and answer the questions 2

** notes that will be needed**

Central Route Thinking:

-involves processing messages carefully and effortully.

-produces more thoughts about the message and thoughts that are relevant to the message.

-Applies critical thinking skill of self-regulation.

-focuses one message argument.

Peripheral Route Thinking:

-assumes that human are cognitive Misers (Fiske & Taylore, 1984)

-Involves processing messages superficially and lazily.

-Fewer thoughts about the message and thoughts are irrelevant.

Cues: anything besides the message argument. (e.g attractiveness, appearance, liking, authority, habit..etc.)

-Tend to use when situations are familiar and/or immediate action is required.

-Quick, feels intuitive.

-Decisions are rationalized after the fact.

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