webpage template

webpage template

After (1) downloading a text editor by following the instructions in the texteditior.docx (2) Read Chapter 2 of the textbook and (3)watching the video Learn HTML in 12 Minutes, Complete all parts of this lab for full grade.

Part 1: Previously, you completed the dog hall of fame website planning document to craft the purpose, content, and organization of the website. In this exercise, you will create the initial html semantic wireframe for the home page and add some content. Start by entering the basic required HTML tags in a new HTML document in your HTML editor. An appropriate title for the webpage. Next, enter the four pairs of HTML tags to define the <header>, <nav>, <div id=”main”>, and <footer> sections according to your wireframe. Add a <!–end main> comment immediately after the closing </div> tag to better identify the end of the main content. Insert content in the header and nav sections using the planning document you created in Week 1 as a guide. Below the DOCTYPE declaration, insert a comment with your first and last names and the current date. Use other comments as placeholders for content that you will add in later. Name the webpage “dogfame02.html”.

Part 2: You will need content in several areas. You will need to gather or create sample content to use in the website to represent the three different awards of Hero, Working, and Companion dog as described

Hero dog: Find articles and pictures of dogs that have heroic stories. Hero dogs are ordinary dogs with extraordinary stories.

Working dog: Find articles and pictures of dogs with astonishing stories in the “working dog” category. Examples include dogs who work to protect people, livestock, and property as well as dogs who hunt or track. Identify the common breeds of working dogs.

Companion dog: Find articles and pictures of dogs that have amazing stories in the area of human companionship. Any dog can be a “companion” dog but examples often include dogs who provide an extraordinary benefit to someone who is suffering from health issues or other hardships.

Collect your research in a document in Word named “dogfame02.docx”.

(Note: Anytime you gather information or images from the web, copyright laws and academic fair use polices and ethics come into play. Identify and apply the fair use and copyright polices that apply to the content you gather on the Internet as applied to the exercise in this assignment for this class.)


  1. Save the dogfame.html page as index.html because it will serve as your home page for this site.
  2. Add the banner.jpg image as the first line of content in the <header> section with the following attribute values:

Alt=”banner logo for Dog Hall of Fame”



  1. Create an unordered list of links to future pages that link to index.html, winners.html, and nominations.html in the nav section.
  2. Add the collected content, images, and stories your team collected to the Dog Hall of Fame website in these three areas: Hero dog, Working dog, and Companion dog. Add that content to the <div id=”main”> section of the index.html page using heading, paragraph, and list tags as appropriate.
  3. Validate and correct your webpage, spell check the content, and check the links between the index.html page and the services.html page.
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