week 11 discussion2 ethics standards of psychology

week 11 discussion2 ethics standards of psychology

Discussion 2: Future Directions in Ethics of Psychology

In your assigned reading for this week, Marion Gibbon reflects on her graduate school research experience. Gibbon cites Reason and Marshall’s (1987) depiction of research as a personal process in which balance must be attained among “me” (the researcher), “us” (the practitioners and those whom we serve), and “them” (academicians). Gibbon considers her own doctoral study critically from each of these perspectives. This reflective article captures an exciting evolution of ideas as one practitioner uses her graduate school research as an opportunity to challenge and further the field’s dominant thinking.

In recent decades, psychology, like most fields, has examined its ethics in the context of social change in order to promote the worth, dignity, and development of human beings and the world at large. In keeping with this, Walden University includes in its mission for The School of Psychology that graduates “exhibit the highest ethical standards of their profession.” It also promotes a student body dedicated to “improving the human experience within a global community” and facilitating “positive change with their own lives and the lives of others.”

As a future psychology professional, you should consider future directions that will influence the field of psychology and consider whether these directions align with Walden’s mission of social change.

For this Discussion, using credible online sources, research at least two articles related to future directions and trends in ethics.

Post by Day 4 two future directions you believe will influence ethics in psychology and how. Then explain whether you believe each future direction is consistent with Walden’s mission of social change and why. Finally, explain how these future directions might influence your research or practice in your specialization.

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