week 11 resilience

week 11 resilience

The question is:

Define the term “resilience.” What attitudes, behaviors, and activities can be expected (or are proven) to enhance personal resilience? Neighborhood resilience? Community resilience? Are these

activities complimentary
, collaborative, or deleterious? Explain


I want the Paper format APA style and no less than 3 Sources (references).

Reading List

Attached Files:

McEntire: Disaster Response and Recovery 2


, Chapter 13 – McEntire Ch. 13.PDF


Chandra, A. (2011). Building Community Resilience to Disasters

A Way Forward to Enhance National Health Security
. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation Chap 7

Johnston, D. M., & Paton, D. (2006). Disaster Resilience

An Integrated Approach
. Springfield, Ill: Charles C Thomas. Chap 2 & 10

What is resilience? US Dept of State – one page article – see attached.

– The United States Department of State.


) What is resilience? Retrieved from: http://www.state.gov/m/med/dsmp/c44950.htm

What is Disaster Resilience? – This is an excellent website and the PDF is helpful, but focus now on the home page – http://www.gsdrc.org/topic-guides/disaster-resilience/concepts/what-is-disaster-resilience/

Check this brief but very informative note from HUD – the Dept of Housing and Urban Development.



The McIntire chapter is an excellent overview of the concept of resilience. The other three chapters (attached) expand a bit and put the concept into practical terms. You will about real-world examples – the good, the bad and the ugly.

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