week 4 discussion communication

week 4 discussion communication

“Nonverbal Communication” Please respond to the following:

  • Please take a look at the two pictures below:

    Unprofessional Profile Photo Professional Profile Photo
    bad profile good profile
  • Your friend just emailed you the two photos above asking for your advice about which one looks more appealing. They plan to use it as a professional profile picture on LinkedIn, where they hope to make professional job contacts.
  • Based on these two pictures what advice do you give your friend? Choose one of the following, and provide an explanation of your choice:
    • Choose the picture that demonstrates professionalism
    • Choose the picture that best displays individual personality
    • Choose the picture that makes an impression.

Respond to:

Good evening Dr. Johnson and Class,

For this weeks discussion; I would tell my friend to choose the picture that demonstrates professionalism. I say this because if a professional job looks at his profile and first sees the picture with him showing his personality they are going to look past that and just see them as unprofessional and possibly one that won’t take the job seriously. If you look at the professional photo, that photo shows professionalism, maturity and someone that looks like they would be organized and reliable. The first photo is more of a photo you would use for your facebook account not a business profile. First impressions are lasting impressions and when it comes to your professional profile photo and the person hasn’t spoken to you yet, that photo is their first impression of you and they are going to start judging you just from that.


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