week 4 discussion marketing 1

Consider the following products: Coca-Cola Classic, Apple Iphone, Nike basketball shoes, and Loreal Shampoo.

Images of product logos

Products offered by a business can be actual goods, services, and ideas.

  • Pick one of the products above, identify two competitors, and what they offer that competes with your product.
  • For your product, describe the unique selling proposition. How is this product superior to the competitors you identified above.

Discussion Board Requirements-For Full Credit: Make sure you Respond to both bullets, in at least 4 Good Sentences per bullet, making sure you address all points of each bullet. Make sure you reply to At Least 1 Classmate in at least 4 full substantive sentences, that add discussion to our board, making sure you address your classmate by name. Remember post early, for early grading and you can add to your posts, if needed.

Respond to:

This is another fun discussion! Coca-Cola classic is a major staple in our culture. A competitor of Coca-Cola is Pepsi Company. I am a huge fan of Sprite which is a Coke product. Pepsi offers a “knock-off” sprite called Sierra Mist which is much sweeter than Sprite. Fanta is also a competitor. This product offers many different types of fruit sodas. At this time Coca-Cola doesn’t offer many fruit sodas besides cherry coke. This product is caffeine free and that is a positive marketing tool for customers. Coca-Cola asks for its customers to “Taste the Feeling” That is a brilliant slogan, gives percussion, and enhances the curiosity for the clientele. In my opinion, Coca-Cola beats Pepsi in every area from taste, quality and marketing/commercials.

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