week 5 discussions 3

Absolutely no plagiarism, must be original and very thorough. Please make sure everything is followed in the question and the grading rubric. Assigned articles are attached, please also use at least one other outside academic resource for each question. Must include in-text citations. Must include specific real-life application (current events, work or personal experience, prior coursework, etc.) and/or other peer-reviewed research to support key points. No cover page needed but the questions should be separate with their own references. Please provide short but thorough sentences.

Supporting material: Will be uploaded after a tutor is chosen

Question #1:

Has whistleblowing legislation been a good enforcement tool?

Should whistleblowing begin internally within the company’s compliance department or should reports go directly to regulators?

Question #2:

You have worked in the Compliance Department at a foreign auto manufacturer for 10 years and have been very proud of the fact that the company produced cars with better fuel economy that were environmentally friendly. However, given past automobile fraud cases, you begin to see some red flags that indicate noncompliant behavior in some areas, in particular – emission rigging.

Gurkaynak and Durlu (2013) raise the question of the “extent to which companies are willing to take measures to encourage compliance with the law and nip corporate misconduct in the bud before courts and agencies detect such errant behavior” (para. 1).

It will be your responsibility to convince senior management that proactive measures will help save the company from reputational damage as well as regulatory fines and sanctions. Please provide specific examples to support your argument.

Question #3:

Supporting material: Attached after tutor is chosen

Tom Grott, project manager for American Construction Inc. (ACI), sat down with his team to evaluate the progress of their building expansion project. The team had been working on the World Outreach Church expansion project for more than a year already and it was nearing completion. The project completion deadline was pushed ahead and Grott and his team needed to determine if the new date is feasible.

What will be Grott’s largest challenges and potential problems? How can these be overcome?

Please see grading rubric below. This assignment should be at least 4-5 paragraphs each and very thorough. Make sure you integrate real-life applications to support key points.

Case Discussion Rubric (2016)

Case Discussion Rubric (2016)

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Quality of Initial Posting

Initial response displays an excellent understanding of the assigned case, the course readings, and the underlying concepts and includes the correct use of relevant terminology. Initial response additionally integrates specific real-life application (current events, work or personal experience, prior coursework, etc.) and/or other peer-reviewed research to support key points. Initial response is clear, concise, and compelling.

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Mechanics

Entirely free of mechanical errors. These include: grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting (font style and size).

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