week 7 disscussion response

For your follow up posts, critique the arguments of your peers’ letters. How might they strengthen their argument?

Though not required, feel free to actually send these letters to your representatives and share what that experience was like. Did you get any response? What was that response? Was it only a form letter?

View your discussion rubric.

Katie Sharky

Week 7 Discussion


Representative Nick Milroy

State Capitol

PO Box 8953

Madison, WI 53708

Dear Representative Nick Milroy,

With the United States leading the world in the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases, further action needs to be taken to stop the virus and flatten the curve. As a worried citizen for our state and country more extreme measures need to be taken while there is a “Shelter in Place”. Although I am pleased with the closure of schools, essential businesses, and the “Shelter in Place” ordered, it is still not enough. There needs to be stricter boundaries and people need to be held accountable for not following the order. For example, while out on essential business to the pharmacy the other day, I was driving by the local soccer fields where 50-60 children were playing together. This is not Social Distancing and only increasing the risk of continued community spread. As stated by our city mayor in a news conference, he stressed police would not be pulling people over for being on the roads, if you are out then you are assumed to be on essential business, local officials will not be getting involved, and road would not be closed. I am all for the least restrictive route, but when gatherings are supposed to consist of 10 or less and there are still gatherings of 60 taking place, officials should be involved. People should be questioned, and the essential businesses need to be closely monitored to ensure the recommended number of people inside are not exceeded. Without these extreme measures, people will continue to get sick, the number of cases will continue to rise, and the number of deaths will continue to increase. Please step up, take this pandemic seriously and place stricter boundaries on the “Shelters in Place” and fight to keep people at home.


Katie Sharky

Columvette Williams

week 7 discussion


To the Honorable Bennie Thompson

MS House of Representatives

3607 Medgar Evers Boulevard

Jackson, MS 39213

Dear Representative Thompson,

My name is Columvette Williams. I am writing to you to because of the health crisis concerning the COVID-19 virus. Multiple families are trapped inside of their homes with no food or a means of income. They have been forced to abandon their jobs, schools, and all social activities. I understand that the reason for this is to prevent the spread of the virus, but my question to you is what is the government doing to help these people in the middle of this crisis. There has been talking about giving money to these families but that it might happen after the pandemic is over. People are suffering and being threatened to be thrown out of their homes because they can’t pay rent. You can’t expect them to just wait. What are you doing to help these people right now; not what you plan on doing but right now? Thank you for your attention.


Columvette William

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