week 7 research paper

Research Paper Directions

Select and research a veteran population.Examples:

·Homeless veterans

·Senior veterans

·Gulf War veterans

·Veterans with TBI

·Veterans with PTSD

·Women veterans

·Veterans with physical injuries

·Veterans with a co-morbidity


Include the following:

ØDetailed information about the population

oMilitary experience

oDemographics ( expressed numerically, as statistics)


·age, race/ethnicity, gender, single/married

·Other: Total number of your population, era of service, disability status, education, income, employment, geographical location

ØHealthcare needs in your population

ØAnalysis of policies or laws that impact your population

ØResources available to this population

ØBarriers to resource utilization

ØHow the nursing profession can promote change to improve healthcare outcomes for this veteran population

ØInterprofessional collaboration to meet healthcare needs of veterans


·APA format

·7-8 pages in length, not including the title page or reference page

(minimum – 7 full pages, maximum – 8 pages)

·Four or more peer-reviewed current articles (within 3-5 years of current date)

·Three professional web-based resources

Examples: va.gov, hud.gov, publichealth.va.gov, usa.gov/veterans, nrd.gov, vets.gov, congress.gov, army.mil, marines.mil.

·Section Headings

·Turnitin score of 24% or less

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