write a five paragraph short essay around 300 words

write a five paragraph short essay around 300 words

The first paragraph, the introduction, should include your thesis statement. The

three body paragraphs must provide historical evidence taken from lectures and readings. Finally, the

conclusion (the final paragraph) should contain your own analysis of the significance of your subject


Mexican and Mexican Americans actively participated in the World War II effort abroad (in

the armed services) and at home (in the war economy). Despite their contributions, they

continued to experience discrimination at all levels of society and were treated as second-

class citizens—even criminalized. In what ways did Sleepy Lagoon and the Zoot Suit Riots

reflect the ways Chicanx youth were racialized? In your response, be sure to describe the role

of law enforcement, the courts, the media, and the larger Mexican American community in

the outcomes of the two cases.

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