write a quot tweak it quot report about a art work color class

write a quot tweak it quot report about a art work color class

everything on files

Report: Write a report (typed, double-spaced) covering the following


A. Why did you pick this work of art to copy? How does it work or doesn’t work in

terms of color?

Use VESTICH to address this. Write about each one.

B. Identify the dominant color harmony, if one exists. How does this

affect the meaning, mood or emotional content of the art? Is there a

a secondary, lesser harmony?

C. What are the greys and browns doing? Do they extend the color harmony into

the neutrals? Are they shifting the color temperature, providing simultaneous

contrast (illusion of the complement), de-intensifying the saturation of the

piece or toning it down? How do these traits affect the art?


How did you “tweak” the artwork to become better and why. Be specific

and discuss each relevant VESTICH and what color harmony you chose

and why.

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