write an essay on the poem theme for english b by langston hughes and the essay has to be related to critical race theory

write an essay on the poem theme for english b by langston hughes and the essay has to be related to critical race theory

Professor’s requirement:

Use your chosen literary theory ( critical race theory) to analyze the poem to explain what the poem “means.”

Use examples from the text to convincingly support the claims you’re making.

When quoting extensively, take time to explain the specific parts in the quote that prove your point.

Avoid simply offering a summary or restating of each line, but analyze and discuss the words/lines with a purpose.

Use the present tense when describing or discussing events in the poem. In writing about literature, the convention is to always use the present tense throughout. The idea is that the poet is currently communicating thoughts to you in the present time.

Ensure you have correctly spelled all names and titles. Put the name of the poem in double-quotation marks. When referring to the poet, write out his/her full name (and later references can be last name only).

Don’t confuse the poet with the speaker of the poem – they are different.

Remember to put quotation marks at the beginning and end of each quoted part.

At least 1200 words. MLA Format

My requirement: I will post essay written by myself, so you can see some of my ideas, however, please don’t just simply revise it, since I only received 154/200. Can you help me make it better since I have a lot of problem with grammars, organization and thesis statement which has to be related to critical race theory.

My essay:

The Truth of Race

Like the sun rises in the east immutably, the race and the correlative racial cognitions and views are invariably existing in human beings themselves and their society. Race, as it was defined in the modern meaning, “ What most definitions have in common is an attempt to categorize people’s primarily by their physical differences. In the United States, for example, the term race generally refers to a group of people who have in common some visible physical traits, such as skin color, hair texture, facial features, and eye formations.” ( Race|Human) In other words, one human may be different from another only in a physical and exterior way which is related to the gene while there is no any standard or logical speech can define a human’s social status or class by just his or her race. Langston Hughs thoroughly acknowledged the truth of race and developed the critical race theory in his poem. Critical race theory indicates that people in coloured races such as the blacks seeks to pursue the equality of social life in America and the understanding of multiculturalism. This kind of theory has been involved in the field of law, human rights and economy in American society since 1980s’. In his poem “ Theme For English B” which was published in 1949, he said in a tone of young black student in order to call for the social equality for black people and the right perspective to different people’s races.

Firstly, the point of view is a twenty-two-year-old black student, who is also the speaker. His instructor, who is a white people, tells him and other students to write a page about themselves, and what they write from their inside of the heart will state the truth. Even though he is the only back student in his class and lives in Harlem, he discovered himself has no huge differences from other folks who are from other races. Proceeding from himself to the whole society of America, he makes a point in his page that America is formed by a variety of races, including black and white. He also mentioned that even though he and his white colored professor sometimes does not want to be part of each other,the truth is that they are part of each other since they and other American people formed this country together.

In order to reflect on the predicament of the black races in the society of America, Hughes used the vision of a young black student to make a variety of comparisons between black and white people. For instance, the speaker lives in Harlem, which is a town for only black communities in New York City. By his narration, the college he goes to is on the hill above Harlem while the steps from the hill lead down into Harlem. This imagery of Harlem implies that the black people are at the foot and living in the bottom of the society. The racial conflicts with the whites also make them be discriminated by the society. Further than that, the speaker compares himself to other folks of different races, especially the white professor. As the speaker writes, “Being me, it will not be white./ But it will be / a part of you, instructor. / You are white—” , which indicates that the social prejudice on black races has remained rooted in people’s ideas deeply. Such a prejudice which is difficult to change is the biggest obstacle for compromising and solving the racial conflicts.

Connecting to critical racism theory, the stabilization of a multiracial society requires a negative attitude towards the segregation and inequality among races. The speaker in this poem also the sense of identity. The high speed of dissemination of information lead people to the same cognition of the world ,while being mentally isolated seems impossible. Therefore, no matter what kind of races, the diversification of different coloured culture connects everyone so that their physical and mental activities largely identical :

Well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love.

I like to work, read, learn, and understand life.

I like a pipe for a christmas present,

Or records-Bessie, bop, or Bach.

I guess being colored doesn’t make me not like

The same things other folks like who are other races. ( 21-26)

Hughs provide readers the sense of identity that people’s shape of normal life, especially young innocent people, are roughly the same. The differences of race due to the genes did not impact people to share the identical interests from diversified cultures. The critical race theory also refers to the multiculturalism that every culture from different coloured races should be treated equally while it criticized the racism and the white supremacy.

Based on the critical race theory, Hughs also emphasized the irrationality of racism. In fact, from the history of America, the emergence of the idea of racism was just a reflection of times after the collision of two cultures. However, with the development of society of America in education, rights, laws, and other fields, all coloured races have already become part of each others since they live in the same environment. In line 28-36, the speaker also demonstrates that even the racial conflicts still exist between different coloured races, they are indivisible. The “ you” can both be the speaker’s white instructor and the readers because America is formed by a variety of coloured races even from the beginning of this young country.

Hughs suggests that the spirit of inclusion can lead to the equality and stability of the society. A discriminatory mindset will stop one races to understand and learn about other colored races. Instead, only if everyone actively embrace different races and their cultures the society will be more equal. In line 37-40, the speaker tries to tell his instructor that no matter the color or the age, the relationship between people will be more free if they are open to learn from each other. The critical race theory also criticized the white supremacy and selective neglection of other colored races. Therefore, only the mutual understandings of each other will remove the idea of racism from people’s mentality.

The poem “ Theme for English B” by Hughes expresses Hughes’s critiques on racism and he also reflect on the gravity of the racial situation back then in 1940s. Hughes calls for the truth of the race that besides the differences in genes and DNA, there is no difference between good and bad for every race of people in America.

Word Count: 1092

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