write two essays 3

1: two essays, the first document is the format of the essay, the second one is the format of source and work cited.

2: due day:12 November (Monday noon) number of words: No specific requirements, each essay about 1000 words is OK, about two pages of each essay(double space)

3: i have found four articles that need to cite and i post them with a word document and two PDFs.


Write two essays. One is approve that e-gaming is a waste of time. One is approve that e-gaming is not a waste of time. Each essay should follow the following instructions and use MLA8 modules to citied two related articlesI have found four articles, just quote from them to prove your arguments . The two essays should follow the GO modules(see the word document:11 sentences argument GO) and the works cited should use MLA.

1. Understand the purpose of Rogerian argument

2. Create a Rogerian argument for your point of view.

3. Create an annotated bibliography entry for each article.

4. Integrate research correctly into the body of your argument and create a correct Works Cited page.

5. Create a correct Works Cited page in MLA 8 format.

6. Proofread and edit to omit fragments, run ons, subject verb agreement errors, verb form errors, and apostrophe errors.

For this project we will write an argument essay that focuses more on persuading your opposition to compromise with you rather than “winning.”

After all, in the real world, it is possible to win an argument and and alienate those who disagree with you so much that they will not want to help you change the situation for the better.

This argument strategy is called Rogerian argument, after the Pychologist Carl Rogers who developed it.

Your GO for this essay has some templates, or sentence starters, that will help guide you in creating a tone that negotiates.

Our topic is whether e-gaming is a waste of time. I want you to think carefully about (1) your opinion on this topic and (2) how you can share that without antagonizing others and (3) how you can listen to those who disagree with you and respond without antagonizing.


  • Write a Rogerian argument of at least five paragraphs (intro, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion) arguing whether or not e-gaming, or video games, are a waste of time or not.
  • Use your sources to help you present the opposing point of view fairly, and to support your own point of view.
  • Correct integration of sources into the body of the paper and a correct Works Cited page are an important part of the grade. Remember that, if you use a source in the body, the source must be listed on the Works Cited page, and if you have a source listed on the WC page, it must be cited in the body of the paper.

4. Sources.

  • You must have 2 scholarly / peer reviewed sources retrieved through the Troy University databases. I suggest the Opposing Viewpoints database (video games in search box) or the New York Times database..
  • For each article, do an annotated bibliography entry. There is an example in your grammar book (spiral) around p.432- 434. Look annotated bibliography up in the green index for the exact page number.
  • Sources not retrieved from the TU databases will not be accepted. Essays with incorrect or insufficient sources, or sources without annotated bibliographies will receive a grade of 60 or below.

5. Documentation. Use the posted document MLA 8 models to do the citation part of your annotated bibliography entries. When you do your Works Cited page, your entries must be exact. Correct MLA citation there and in-text will count as a major part of the paper grade.

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