writing a book review biography about abraham lincoln

writing a book review biography about abraham lincoln

Our history assignment is to write a biography about someone who was in the US history, by reading a book about a person and write about it. I chose Abraham Lincoln.

This is an ebook http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/6811/pg6811-images.html i want you to read this book.

Then, start writing the book review by first introducing the person who you are writing about (abraham lincoln). Then, analysis about the book. Then talk about what did you like in the book? What you did not like in the book? (you can say anything, it was very long. boring. etc…) What was interesting to you? Make a critique about the book just like you’re talking about a movie you like to a friend. write 3 to 5 pages double-spaced. With a title page that included (name of the book, name of author, year published.) you can add quotes from the book if you want. but make sure to source it.


also use medium level words. check grammar and spelling. no mistakes.


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