writing python

writing python

Using IDLE IDE to create a source code file named welcome.py, enter the following Python code, translate it and run it.

def main():

print(“Welcome to the wonderful world of Python programming!”)


After a successful run, capture its output and close its workspace.

2. Perform the same steps described in part 1 for the following program:

def main():

integer1 = int(input(“Enter first integer”)) # prompt and enter the first integer

integer2 = int(input(“Enter second integer”)) # prompt and enter the second integer

sum = integer1 + integer2 # generate and assign the sum

print(“The sum of”, integer1, “and”, integer2,

“is”, sum) # print sum

difference = integer1 – integer2 # assignment of difference

print(“The difference of”, integer1, “minus”,

integer2, “is”, difference) # print difference


3. “Comment-out” the second line of the second program so it looks like this:

# integer1 = int(input(“Enter first integer”)) # prompt for and input first integer

Try to run the modified program and record (and hand in) the error message(s).

4. Remove the comment symbol from the previous part (i.e., restore your program to

    its previous working condition) and then comment-out the sum assignment statement like this:

    # sum = integer1 + integer2 # assignment of sum

    Run the modified program and capture the error message(s) you see.

    5. Restore your working program again and then comment-out the code line,

      # difference = integer1 – integer2 # assignment of difference

      Once again run the modified program and capture the error message(s) you see. Explain why the error message you got when commenting out the sum statement differs than when commenting out the difference statement.

      6. Problem: Design, Develop, Integrate, and Test (DDI&T) a Python program that converts a Fahrenheit temperature into its Celsius temperature equivalent.

      The formula for converting Fahrenheit to Celsius is,

      Celsius = 5.0/9.0*(Fahrenheit – 32.0)

      Your program should prompt the user for a Fahrenheit temperature, convert it to Celsius and then output both values in the following format:

      Fahrenheit Temperature = <Fahrenheit value>

      Celsius Temperature = <Celsius value>

      Fully test your program with the following set of Fahrenheit temperatures:

      75.5, 32.0, -459.4, -40.0, 0.0, 100.0, and 212.0

      Note that the temperature values are both input and output with one decimal of precision after the decimal point.

      Documentation Guidelines:

      Use good programming style (e.g., indentation for readability) and document each of your program parts with the following items (the items shown between the ‘<‘ and ‘>’ angle brackets are only placeholders. You should replace the placeholders and the comments between them with your specific information). Your cover sheet should have some of the same information, but what follows should be at the top of each program’s sheet of source code. Some lines of code should have an explanation of what is to be accomplished, this will allow someone supporting your code years later to comprehend your purpose. Be brief and to the point. Start your design by writing comment lines of pseudocode. Once that is complete, begin adding executable lines. Finally run and test your program.


      # CS119T – Unit 1-Submission Node – IDEs and Debugging

      # Filename: Unit 1 Submission Node: my-unit1-submission-node.doc

      # Author: <Your name>

      # Purpose: Demonstrate basic Python programming in the IDLE

      # development environment

      # by following steps 1 through 6 above.



      Your deliverable should be a Word document with screenshots showing the code you have created, and discuss the issues that you had for this project related to AWS and/or Python IDE and how you solved them for all of the programs listed above as well as the inputs and outputs from running them. For parts 3, 4 and 5 where you deliberately “seeded” errors into your code, capture and turn in the error messagesyou encountered when attempting to translate and run these errant programs. Include a cover sheet with the hardcopy of your labs when you turn them in to the instructor.

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