you have to compose 2 genres of text writer s note

you have to compose 2 genres of text writer s note

For this final project, you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge of rhetoric and genre to put your research into action. Now that you have composed a text in the genre of the academic research essay, you will take the work that you did on that essay and transform that knowledge into new texts for public audiences.

You will create 2 different texts in 2 different genres. You will have the freedom to select the genres and rhetorical situations that interest you the most (My previous essay was about social media platform). After you have composed these 2, you will write a reflection detailing your experience of writing in different genres and rhetorical situations. The components of this project are Texts, Reflection and Works cited.

GENRE IDEA: YouTube essay, Wiki, TED talk

1200 words (400 Writer’s note)

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